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 Portraits are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a loved one or a special event. And they make unique gifts too! I can paint people or pets.

I use premium artist's papers made from cotton, hemp, or velour. Many layers go into creating a portrait which is why it takes so much time to complete a portrait. Please allow up to 4 weeks to complete a charcoal portrait and up to 12 weeks to complete a pastels portrait. Portraits are carefully packaged and shipped flat.


5 x 7 Card $99 $200 One Subject Only
9 X 12 $200 $400 One Subject Only
12 X 18 $400 (Add $200 per additional subject) $800 (Add $400 per additional subject) Up to 3 Subjects
18 X 24 $600 (Add $300 per additional subject) $1,200 (Add $600 per additional subject)  
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