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Title: Pensive Bear
Medium: Pastels
Size: 12 x 12 inches
Artist: Michaeline McDonald

I painted this bear as part of my Spirit Animal series and because I love bears! I wish I lived in the forest where I would build them a bear playground with a pool, hammocks, and lots of toys! I adore the Bear Spirit.

"Bear Spirit does what ever a bear wants. Bear loves to have fun, explore, and be with loved ones. Bear can seem lazy at times but that's just Bear exploring other worlds. Of course it is wise to never cross Bear or he will rip your face off. But Bear Spirit brings laughter and adventure with a little mix of danger."

Pensive Bear features a pretty bear looking into the distance behind pine cone adorned branches. This original painting was created with pastels on sanded cardstock paper. Many layers of pigment and fixative is what gives the bear a soft realistic yet surreal effect. The top is left unsprayed to allow the integrity of the final layer of pastels.  Measures 12 x 12 inches unframed. Shipped flat.
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